Welcome aboard

In August 2021 we were awarded the contract to begin a trial commuter ferry service between Bellerive and Hobart. To cut a long story short – it’s been a huge success! We took more than 110,000 passengers during the first year of the trial. We feel very privileged and proud to be able to offer this service to the people of Hobart. Learnings from the trial will help build a better service for the years that follow.

The service was free for the first year for passengers with a Greencard, bicycle or e-scooter as an incentive to try the new service and combine it with active or public transport. Having trialled the service fare-free for the first 12 months to get passengers on board, the Tasmanian Government is assessing the service as a real public transport option for the longer term.

In August 2022 another phase of the trial began. The Tasmanian Government introduced fares for the service equivalent to that of a Metro Tasmania bus fare. To make things easy, we use the same Greencard system currently in use on Metro buses. Travel with a bike or e-scooter is no longer free, but there will be no extra charge for carrying these items on board. More information about fares can be found here.

Continued uptake of the service will play a significant role in determining the viability of expanding ferries to more destinations and at more times, which is currently being explored.

We look forward to continuing to welcome you on board.